Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2nd day

Sorry that all these posts are coming out on the same day, just trying to get up to day.

So currently we don't have may tools, see blow the list of items we have
  1. 1 fork
  2. 1 spade
  3. 1 watering can
  4. 2 water carriers
  5. 1 screw driver, found on the plot. 
So as you can tell we don't have much, we are planning on buying when we need it or when we see a good deal on Marktplaats (the dutch ebay).

These photos we took before we left on the second day, we noticed that we had a VERY over grown path. Couch grass growing out of it, so Mic continued with the digging and I got down removing the weeds and grass from the path.

We are not busting out backs to get this done, but taking our time. Having frequent breaks and chatting to the neighbours, enjoying this experience as it hard enough to break through dry soil. We are planning on planting the land up as we go along. We know we wont have much to grow this late in the season, but some winter crops will go in.

What type of crops would you advise for Aug planting?


  1. If you can find some winter brassica plants in a nursery you could plant them. Still time for some lettuce, radish etc and soon you will be able to plant autumn onions and garlic.

    1. Yeah we are already looking into what garlic we want. Is it still possible to get some chrismas potatos in or is it to late? If its not to late, what one would you think is best? Thanks for coming over and seeing our blog:D It means a lot to us.

  2. If you are quick you should be able to get some potatoes in and hope for a Christmas harvest. August is the time for planting so you are towards the end of the best time but nothing ventured etc.. You need to plant in a bag ot pot rather than open ground. Charlotte is a good variety that is suitable for this. Pop into a local garden centre and see what they have but you need to act quickly.