Friday, September 14, 2012

Update 14th Sept 2012

Hey all,

How is everyone? Sorry no post for a week or so, only been down to the plot a couple times. While we have been down we have just been digging the plot over. We are around 1/3 to 1/2 done now, so it is coming along. When I am at the plot next with the partner I will get him to take a some more photos, and show you how we are getting along. 
Every time we go down we keep meaning to do the before and after photos, we forget both:P. 

Well sorry about the lack of a post today, but we really have nothing much to say. We did get a nice bunch of flowers off the lady on the plot next to us, which was very sweet of her. I will get my partner to send me the photo and I will update this post to show you the flowers. 

Anyhow, hope everyone is doing well and pulling a good harvest.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hey everyone! 

Here's an update of what we have been up to today. We got up late as it's the weekend but we woke up to a beautifully sunny day! It was the perfect tempature to start digging at the allotment. We have had a lot of rain in the past few days though and since we are on clay soil we knew the ground would be soaking wet as you can see below. This was only 1 spade deep. I guess its something we will have to learn to deal with. This week's rain was quite extreme though, so hopefully it wont be this bad all the time. It sure has made digging the soil a lot easier!

Our beautiful raspberry, waiting to be planted.
We met Mic's mother and sister earlier the day to find out they had bought us some presents for the allotment! They gave us a little pear tree  one of the Conference type and they gave us a raspberry plant! Everyone loves raspberries in their desert! It even has little raspberries already on there. They are quite sour right now, so maybe we have to wait a little longer before trying to eat them.

The large grassy/muddy gap in the middle is slowly closing as you can most likely tell below. Progress seems slow but we do it at our own pace to keep it relaxing rather than stressful where it starts to feel like work. Looking forward to when it's 1 big patch of dirt instead of weed and grass. We we're told by a woman we met there was a fox spotted somewhere behind our plot and one of the dogs on the allotment was on high alert.
Look at the bald patches. I mean the ones on the ground!

Thanks for checking back with us. We are having a lot of fun doing this allotment, I hope you have enjoyed reading this!

Until next time!

Ami & Mic